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Healthy Eyes for Every Child

As your child changes and grows, their eyesight will grow right along with them. Experts recommend paying careful attention to your children’s visual health during the early developmental stages, as prevention of vision problems can help improve success during school years

At Total Vision El Cajon, your children’s visual health is essential to us. We want to ensure that your child is hitting all of their significant visual milestones, keeping their peepers happy and healthy!

Your Child’s First Eye Exam

It is such a joyous time when our children begin to see and absorb the world surrounding them.  As parents, we get to view our lives with a new set of eyes, and that’s a fantastic experience! 

Our children depend on our diligence when it comes to their eyesight, and their vision centers require careful monitoring in the early years. Our optometrists are able to see your child for an eye exam starting at age 4.

Once we have determined your child’s eyes’ overall health, we will make recommendations to help manage any potential eye conditions and decide how often they need to have an eye exam.

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Common Childhood Vision Problems


Myopia is more commonly known as nearsightedness. It is an eye condition that causes objects in the distance to appear blurry or out of focus. Myopia occurs when the shape of your eye causes light to bend incorrectly, leading to images focusing in the front of your retina.

It is a widespread condition, and experts suspect that half of the world’s population will have symptoms of myopia by 2050.

Strabismus (crossed eyes) is a condition that affects the alignment of your child’s eyes. One of the causes of strabismus is poor muscle control around the eyes.

Strabismus develops in the early years, and it is a lifelong condition. This condition can lead to vision problems like double vision or depth perception issues.

Our team has experience with managing strabismus and can recommend the right strategy for your child.

Amblyopia is more commonly known as lazy eye. If left untreated, it can lead to permanent vision problems. This condition can occur in early childhood, and it requires regular care.

At Total Vision El Cajon, formerly known as Main Street Optometry, our optometrists can help your child manage their symptoms. There is a range of treatments available that can be tailored to their specific needs.

We can’t forget the dreaded “pink eye”!

Conjunctivitis is a common eye condition that’s very common among our tiniest patients (and their preschool teachers). There are many different types of conjunctivitis – some of them are highly contagious – but the majority of symptoms are  the same:

  • Red or pink eyes
  • Discharge
  • Tearing
  • Itchy eyes

Treatment will depend on the type of conjunctivitis contracted. Please contact us today if your child has any of these symptoms, and we will recommend the proper treatment.

Your Children Deserve Proper Care

Our children go through significant developmental stages as they grow, and we want to see them at every milestone. We love to watch our youngest patients grow, and we will be here for them from their first steps all the way to their college graduation! 

Our optometrists would love to help you ensure your family’s total vision health is cared for. We will confirm that your child’s eyes are developing correctly and look for early signs of eye disease and conditions

Book an appointment today, and experience our comfortable, family-focused environment.

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